Details of Organisations

Organisation Venue Day Time
Beavers Allen Wednesday 6.30pm
Brownies Stewart Thursday 6.30pm
Church Choir Barbour Thursday 7.30pm
Cub Scouts Allen Monday 6.30pm
Easy Exercise Class Barbour Alternate Thursdays 10.15am
Evergreens Barbour 3rd Wednesday 2.30pm
Girl Guides Allen Thursday 6.30pm
Junior Choir Barbour Tuesday 6.30pm
Ladies’ Bowls Stewart Tuesday 7.00pm
Mixed Bowls Stewart Saturday 7.00pm
Morning Watch Session Room Alternate Tuesdays 10:45am
Tots Stewart Thursday 10.00am
Praise Group Church Thursday 6.45pm
PW Barbour 1st Monday 7.30pm
Rainbow Guides Barbour Thursday 6.00pm
Scout Troup Stewart Monday 6.30pm
Senior Section Guides Sleith Youth Centre 1st & 3rd Thursday 7.45pm
Squirrels Stewart Wednesday 6.30pm
Youth BIG Night Sleith Youth Centre Last Saturday of each Month 7pm