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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Responding to the challenges relating to the Coronavirus

30th August 2020


At Cregagh we want to create an environment that is both welcoming and safe. While we would actively encourage you to come back to worship, believing it safe to do so with the measures we have taken, we also want to say that no one should come to services if they have any symptoms.

As we continue to move forward towards something more like normal it is imperative that we do so by ensuring that all actions must be in line with current guidelines and restrictions. With no changes to PCI guidelines regarding 2m social distance the same arrangements for services that are currently in place will continue for the month of September, continuing to provide a service at 10am and 12noon, accommodating up to 60 people on each occasion. Doors will be opened at 9:30am and 11:30am so that folk can be guided and seated. The wearing of face coverings, while still not mandatory, has now been formally advised and strongly encouraged by PCI.

Members are still being asked to register, due to ‘contact tracing’, by contacting Michael on email: michaelgraham112@gmail.com or phone: 07548635075, indicating which Sunday(s), how many are ‘in their bubble’ and attending with them, as well as which time slot(s). As before those who have registered will be asked to inform Michael if for whatever reason someone cannot attend so that the register will be as accurate as possible.

The services themselves will continue to be slightly shorter than normal and present arrangements regarding offering will remain in place for the month of September. While still respecting concerns surrounding congregational singing, we still wish to continue moving forward towards something more like normal. The plan is to continue incorporating live singing to the congregation and, now with the added addition of face coverings to alleviate concerns, members will be gently encouraged, to softly sing along, while seated, to the two praise items played as part of the service.

It is encouraging that KidZone continues to go well, Karen and Jim are happy to carry on covering the month of September. Unfortunately, the restrictions are still extremely tight regarding crèche so it will not be available for the time being. However, babies are very welcome at our services!

The issue of offering lifts to church continues to be a difficult one but the official position in terms of the guidelines is that folk should still not offer nor provide lifts to anyone outside of their bubble. Unfortunately, pastoral visitation is still limited to emergencies and bereavements.

Some form of weekly news sheet will be made available, being placed online and for individuals to collect from 20th September. It would be anticipated that all practices would be reviewed on Monday 21st September.


Cregagh Presbyterian Church is an active and family friendly congregation in Belfast at the heart of the Community on the Cregagh Road, midway between a busy shopping area and a residential neighbourhood. We aim to ‘Love God and Love our Neighbour’ by being willing to hear God speak and serve Him obediently in our homes, in our work, in our leisure and in our community.

If you’re checking out church for the first time or just looking for a new one we have a place for you.

With Special Services and Events throughout the year, and numerous organisations there are plenty of opportunities to grow, get involved, and serve.

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Sunday Services

All services suspended until further notice.

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