Mission Plan

1. Mission, Purpose and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Cregagh Presbyterian Church is summed up in the statement:
“Love God and Love Your Neighbour”

Mission Description

The mission of Cregagh Presbyterian Church is, by the grace of God, to be an inclusive, welcoming community of Christ’s people of all ages, which is characterised by love for God and love and concern for others, is committed to the Christian Gospel and aims to be relevant to people of this time and place.

Our Vision

To achieve vital and meaningful worship of God
To grow together in our knowledge of God
To provide a supportive and pastoral caring ministry to one another
To reach out actively and seek to bring others into the community of faith
To proclaim God’s love by word and action, here and throughout the world
To develop ourselves and use our property to be welcoming to all

2. Introduction

Cregagh Presbyterian Church has built up a strong tradition over many years in its worship and approach to spiritual and material matters of faith and the church. We have developed our own style of worship of God in His Sanctuary with an emphasis on good choral music and liturgy. Cregagh has many of the traditional organisations that would be expected in a reasonably sized suburban congregation and has added more contemporary forms of worship and activities over the years. This experience has endowed us with a set of strong values that we continually draw upon. These values are dignity, respect, love, caring and above all worship of God, with an earnest endeavour to see His kingdom flourish in the context of our church on the Cregagh Road,
Over recent years, spurred on by the need for major maintenance and refurbishment of our building, work which has now started, much thought and effort has been spent subtly re-shaping our approach and building on our values to ensure a thriving congregation into the future. This development has been and continues to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, and we consider that we would have failed if any ill feeling was created. This care does not take away from the sense of purpose and enthusiasm that characterise the change process in the congregation.
In order to move forward, we recognise that change is inevitable and the biggest change has to be to continue to increase the level of commitment to Christ and His Church.
We recognise that :
There are many positive things to build on at Cregagh
Our caring fellowship
Our commitment to overseas mission
Our developing worship
Our building project

We have some weaknesses
In discipleship
In outreach to the local community
in difficulty in recruiting leaders
in our small percentage of young people
Part of the process of change is to build on our strengths and challenge our weaknesses, and turn them around.

3. Putting thinking into action

One of our aspirations is to encourage a wider group of people to join and commit to serving Christ in Cregagh, as part of an overall effort to help people to put their faith into action. We hold these aspirations whilst recognising that there are already some very committed people doing very important work.
Resources and budgets need to be prayerfully considered, but the general sentiment is that appropriate plans and subsequent activities should not be financed by fund raising activities but be met by congregational finances.

4. Achievements and on-going activity


We include more informal style services
We use praise group and contemporary music in services at least twice per month (one contemporary service and one Connect service).
We have one service per month focusing on Mission.
We make best use of the audio-visual facilities that we have recently installed
We encourage more congregational participation in reading from the Bible and leading prayers
We continue to have a strong tradition of choral music with dedicated choir members and a choir master; a Children’s Choir; and a Handbell Choir. All continue to provide essential outreach into the local and wider community

Open and Welcoming

Meet and greeters at each service
A weekly news-sheet
A weekly coffee bar after morning services all year round
‘Open Church’ one morning each week

Social Needs

Kirk Session provides lunches on Friday during Lent
We hold a monthly car boot sale which is scheduled to return once the building refurbishment has been completed
Our halls are used for blood donation sessions, brass band practices, radio recordings and puppy training classes
Our organisations hold regular fund raising events e.g. table quizzes
We organise an annual Garden fete in the church grounds
We have a walking group and a reading circle
Members of the congregation organise group catering for weddings and funerals

Living our Faith

Junior bible class studying topics such as Alpha
Morning bible study is held once a month and weekly during Lent
Morning Watch – fortnightly meeting for prayer and reflection. Prayer requests circulated beyond the group
Advent Quiet Morning
Support of Connect
Strong link with Malawi
Generous support of United Appeal and many other charities


We aim to have a high standard of communication.
A magazine, Church News, is produced twice a year in colour
We have a very professional website
We communicate with all ages through social media such as Facebook and Twitter
We provide a weekly news-sheet available on line and in the pew
We have implemented the Grace of Giving initiative to encourage realistic financial contribution

OKAY (Overseeing Kids and Youth)

The newly convened OKAY group oversees Youth and Children’s Ministry, including creche, Kidzone, Bible Class, Youth Fellowship, Mother and Toddler group and Holiday Bible Club
The group encourages leaders of the uniformed church organisations working with young people
The OKAY group assists with overseeing Ministry and Mission to children, teenagers and young adults
The group organises services and events to encourage youth involvement and development and to promote fellowship within the Church family

On-going church activities and organisations

Church Choir Morning Watch Rainbows
Junior Choir Kidzone Trefoil Guild
Praise Group Junior Bible Class Cub Scouts
Hand Bell Choir Youth Fellowship Beavers
Presbyterian Woman Mums and Tots Squirrels
Evergreens Girl Guides
Morning Bible Study Brownies

An Organisations Forum meets annually and it is intended to work with all organisations to extend our message of ‘Love God and Love Your Neighbour’.

5. Future Plans

We believe that our vision has all the essential elements needed to allow us to Love God and Love Your Neighbour. We continue to make plans to develop our mission of care and evangelism to the community on the Cregagh Road. We are also looking to mobilise our younger people by getting members of our uniformed organisations involved in our contemporary services and encouraging other young people in the congregation to get involved in wider church activities such as Summer Madness and SPUD.

With the local community

We have a Local Mission Co-ordinator in place who reports to Kirk Session. We are also currently developing plans that will enable us to achieve a viable mission to the local community by considering how best to:
establish two-way communication with the local community
build our relationship with the community
identify the needs of local groups such as the migrant community

Within our congregation

We want to encourage greater involvement of 18-50 year olds as referenced in the Grace of Giving initiative
We want greater involvement and better alignment of our organisations with our mission and vision
We want to attract young people and young families

What would we like the Cregagh Presbyterian congregation to be like in the future?

A sense of belonging – it’s my church
We need to remove physical and emotional barriers
We need to take responsibility
We need to involve more of our congregation and recognise their talents
Bring a friend

A sense of growth – that is we want to improve, develop, change and become more confident

We can do this through a sense of openness to all, and by being inclusive
We want to be welcoming, not intimidating
Our people need to be more “Christ like” and become “lights of the world”
We want to be able to openly discuss any secular or faith issue

An atmosphere of positivity and encouragement

a positive and generous attitude
many people engaged in church life
a strong sense of expectation, excitement and fulfilment
more of our congregation concerned and actively involved in Mission both overseas and among overseas visitors and those who have become resident in our country
a youth and family worker employed to engage with and encourage our various youth groups and young families
We are acutely aware that our values or “how we do what we do” is as important as what we do, and this is something that we must ensure that we pass to everyone we encounter on each step of our journey.

6. The Church Building

Refurbishment on our building started in April 2017. Once completed we will have a building that meets our desire to be a visibly active church in the heart of the Cregagh Road. Our welcome area will be a hub for access to all parts of our buildings and will incorporate our coffee bar. We will have a dedicated creche and our sanctuary will have improved seating, up-to-date audio-visual equipment and new heating and lighting. This will enhance our worship and give opportunity to fulfil our mission statement
‘Love God and Love Your Neighbour’